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Feb 26, 2018

Boat Trailer Maintenance

There are about 7 million Americans with boat trailers and it's possible you've seen a few parked by the roadside because of trailer problems. People with boat trailers hardly pay attention to the foundations of their boats especially when it works just fine but this isn't the best way to enjoy the lifespan of the boat. With regular and scheduled maintenance, you can bank on your boat trailer without fear of it developing faults.

Here are the major reasons trailers break down ⚠️:

  •   Flat Tires
  •   Wheel Bearing Failures
  •   Axle Problems
  •   Suspension Problems
  •   Tongue/Coupling Trouble

Boat Trailer Tires 

trailer tires

Boat trailers have problems primarily due to under inflation of the tires.

The fact that the tire won't stay like a car tire when under inflated compounds this problem.

You have to check your tire pressure on a regular basis with a tire gauge to be sure it's in good condition.

Tires should also be replaced within 3-5 years of use even if they appear to be in good condition.

Check your trailer tires before and after use. 

Wheel Bearing Maintenance On Your Boat Trailertrailer wheel bearings

The fact that boat trailer wheels are often immersed in corrosive salt water makes their maintenance crucial.

Use spring loaded hub to constantly lubricate the wheel bearings.

Even if it only contact fresh water, you still need this lubricant to extend the lifespan of the wheel.

Those trailers that don't get immersed in water are also subject to corrosion and need lubrication.

Axle, suspension, and tongue

When you're done with the maintenance mentioned in previous points, there's still more to asses.

boat trailer

Boat trailer maintenance can be more than visual corrosion, as is evident in cases where there is no corrosion, but the axle or suspension still have problems.

Mechanical damage to these structural parts on your trailer need to be assesed periodically over time. 

Avoid neglecting getting repairs done to your axles, suspension and tongue. 

This can prevent uneccessary damage taking place to your boat and vehicle. 


If you are having any trouble with your boat trailer and need repairs done we are avaiable to help you.

Our shop technicians can make the necessary changes to your boat trailer to get you on the road and utimately back on the water!

We know how frustrating it can be making repairs on your own, so let our expertise guide you and get you moving again.

For any questions you may have please don't hesistate to call us at 336-276-0329. Set up an appointment today to get your boat trailer repaired! 

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