Ram Electric Jack – 7950369

The Ram Electric Jack is quite different from other types of jacks, especially the manual jack. An electric trailer jack is the ideal solution for many towing applications. The device allows you to raise the front of your trailer so that you can hitch, or unhitch your tow vehicle.

It also has a manual type but both of them comes in different weight capacities. So, you can aptly make your choice depending on the type of vehicle you are using it for. 

This product which is also known as electric tongue jacks, is being reviewed based on durability, purchasing power and the warranty it offers.


Product Description

This Ram Electric Jack has two toggle switches for operation; mostly for trailers. It has two toggle switches in which one that is positioned on the front of the housing let you operate the jack. The ‘On’ and ‘off’ switch controls light.

The electric trailer jack is nine-inch-tall with an extended height of about 28-1/2", and 19-1/2" of travel. One beautiful component which it carries Includes a manual override handle.

RAM’s electric heavy duty power jack is very easy to operate when the switch is simply pressed. Another point to note is it’s surface finishing which comprise black powder-coat and the essence is to keep it from accidental scratch.


Which vehicle needs this product?

Due to it’s durability and organized components, the product has the capacity to serve or assist any type of towing vehicle, especially a trailer for easy movement by spreading it’s tongue weight around the trailer’s axles. It is the ideal solution for many towing applications.


The Ram Electric Jack features a finishing black powder coated surface and foot plate resist corrosion. It comes with crank handle for manual override in case of power loss. It also has a ball-bearing screw system that reduces noise more efficiently than standard screw systems. 

In order to ensure adequate balancing of the towing devise, it’s durable drop leg allows for easy lift, including it’s pin and clip that helps suspend the vehicle at any desired angle.


  • Comes with three LED lights that brightens at a downward angle for easy focus during night time schedule.  
  • Black powder-coated surface helps to prevent rust and scratch
  • It’s electric jack lets you raise and lower your A-frame
  • Less noise



  • It has attracted the lowest rating of 3,650 pounds any of the reviewed electric trailer jacks.
  • It has a slow operating mode





Product Specifications


Comes in both White and Black

  • Outer tube diameter: 2-1/4 inches

Bracket height:

  • Retracted: 9 inches
  • Extended: 28-1/2 inches  

Weight Capacity

  • Travel capacity - 3,500 lbs



Manufacturer of this product promises a one year limited warranty for it’s users. Therefore, the Purchaser must have proof of purchase to obtain service under this Limited Warranty. I can rate it 5 out of 5 stars.


The Electric Jack with Footplate is designed for use on A-frame trailers. This offers 25 and 1/8 of an inch of lift and a 3500-pound capacity. In the event there is no power supply at a given time or maybe your trailer's battery is going dead, there is a provided handle in which you can place down and easily lift or lower our trailer so you can still make your connection.


Getting an electric trailer jack is better off. Although a manual jack is still good, it all boils down to what you really need. You can only need a manual trailer jack if your vehicle is not a heady duty. The electric jack on the other hand is very useful when heavy duty trains and trucks are involved.