Importance of Trailer Jacks and their Basic Functions


The trailer jack elevates the trailer to a certain point allowing the trailer to be hooked or unhooked to and from any towing truck. These jacks are capable of directing trailers while on storage. Common models include swivel, A-frame, and drop-leg. The horse trailer is fitted with a jack at the tongue which is connected to the hitch. These jacks are an essential component of safe pulling.


A trailer jack comes in a variety of weight and length capacities. Users must take into account the length for extended and withdrawn positions. If extended, this equipment must hoist the coupler to an elevation so it can straighten the vehicle’s hitch ball. The jack has to withdraw far enough to rise above the road while moving.


Primary Functions

à        Elevate and lower trailers for connection to the coupler or hook as well as disengage it from the ball.

à        Maintain a level position for the trailer if it is not fastened to the vehicle.

à        Stabilizes parked trailers for loading and unloading.


A-Frame Jacks

The A-Frame trailer jack specifically for the bumper pull and standard ball trailer can weld or lock up into the A-Frame coupler. It can also be positioned in a bracket at the back of your coupler. Standard capacity is between 2,000 and 5, 000 lbs. It is appropriate for the A-Frame landscape trailer, camper, or utility. A common model is the 12V-powered or manual crank. The manual crank turns from either the topmost or side.





Side Mount

The Side Mount trailer jack connects to the edge of the pole tongue’s frame. It has a pivot type of design that allows the jack to swing upward for hauling and downward for jacking. The manual crank comes from the side or top portion. 


RV Heavy-Duty and Landing Gear

These jacks are mounted with buttresses on both sides of the trailer support that props up the trailer’s weight. The capacity is between 6, 000 and 12, 000 lbs although some models have higher capacity. The landing gear jacks are normally sold in pairs. It is also possible to purchase drop leg or follow jacks.


Jacks Secure Trailers

à        The Fifth Wheel trailer jack supports the trailer at the gooseneck hitch and provides stability from the front to the back portion. The large foot pads prevent tilting and going down. Capacity is from 1,200 up to 5,000 lbs.

à        Light-Duty is connected to the frame and folds up for purposes of storage. It is pulled down for actual towing. It is positioned at the corners or back portion of trailers. Capacity is between 300 and 1,000 lbs. This particular jack is compatible with small unity trailers as well as pop-up RV campers.

à        Scissor jacks also bolt to the trailer’s scaffold and operates using the handle and screw gear. Capacity is between 300 and 3,000 lbs. Manufacturers sell this jack in pairs with combined capacity of between 5,000 and 6.500 lbs. It is used to stabilize large campers.

à        Pipe mount jacks spin around a cylinder welded to the frame of trailers. Capacity is from 2,000 to 7,000 lbs. It is mounted on the tongue or trailer sides close to the back for leveling and stabilizing.





Accessories for Trailer Jacks

There are several accessories for trailer jack which include the following:

à        The jack feet disperse the load on the bar over a bigger surface to prevent the jack from being submerged in soft soil. It is also utilized to extend the jack’s height.

à        An integrated footplate kit converts the wheeled model to a dual-purpose footplate and wheeled jack. It suits models with the 6-inch or 8-inch wheel.

à        Jack wheel docks strengthen the jack wheel and prevent driveways from getting damaged or sinking in soft surface.

à        Wheels or casters facilitate easy maneuvering of loaded trailers into hitching position.

à        The jack wheel wedge makes sure trailers do not roll down or slip. It can also function as an instant jack for axle trailers.

à        A trailer jack gear provides users with the option of jack replacement although it is not always sold for all makes and models

à        The replacement bracket for mounting is the point used in connecting the jack to the trailer tongue. It enables mounting minus overlapping buckles or bolts.


How it will Work for you?

To find out if the trailer jack is appropriate for your trailer, identify its expanded and retracted height which is generally the measurement of said portable equipment. Take your measurements from the bottom going up to the point for mounting. These points vary and depend on the type of jack. The A-Frame model is measured down to the underside of the overhang. On the other hand, the pipe-mount jack is measured at the center of the pipe. Jacks with bolt-on brackets are measured towards the midpoint of the support bracket.


Bulldog Trailer Jacks

The Bulldog trailer jack is considered the leader in this industry since 1919 0r almost a full century ago. Bulldog manufactures reliable products for heavy-duty use such as cargo haulers, utility rigs (for pick-up trucks), and livestock trailers. Bulldog jacks are certified to be ASABE- S485 (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers) Compliant which is acknowledged as the world-class standard in terms of performance for telescopic (screw-type) jack models.


When you look for a trailer jack, see to it that you get the one that will match your requirements. Take Bulldog as an example. The round jack supports light loads for coupling, uncoupling, and fixed support. The square and heavy-duty models are perfect for a mixture of medium and heavy-duty reinforcement while coupling and uncoupling as well as storing trailers.


Bulldog’s two-speed square jack offers an effective answer for heavy loads where prompt operations and adjustable cranking ratio are necessary. The rack and gear jack is the best option for more stability and scaffold for trailers with higher tongue weight. It also provides a convenient alternative for positioning rigs on the work site or driveway. It also has an assortment of accessories and Bulldog trailer jack replacement parts to make sure rigs operate at peak performance.


Replacement Parts

Among the primary Bulldog trailer jack replacement parts are the following:

à        Screw and Nut assembly (square jacks) with ratings of 10,000 lbs lift; 12,000 lbs support rod with diameter of 1 & ¼ inches including screw and nut.

à        Gear kit for side wind jacks with capacity of 12,000 lbs. It may be necessary to install the powered drive kit on your trailer jack. The dimensions are for large gears.

à        This round A-Frame jack with caster or wheel has a top wind of 15-inch lift (1,000 lbs). It is the best for several commercial and agricultural applications. This jack complete with wheel assembly has a 12-inch withdrawn height and measures 17 inches from the mounting brace up to the top.

à        The side wind jack has a capacity of 17 lbs and designed for the Bulldog series 190 jack (7,000 lbs).

à        The A-Frame jack (top wind) is for 5,000 lbs loads and 15-inch lift. It is appropriate for various commercial and agricultural applications. It features a 10 up to 5/16-inch withdrawn height and measures 10 up to 3/16-inch from the mounting bracket up to the top.

à        The round and snap-ring swivel model has a side wind of 10 inches and lift capability of 2,000 lbs. It lies parallel to the trailer tongue for traveling and moves back into the erect position for towing. The parts (precision-fit) ensure excellent stability. The side wind handle is smooth and contains an ergonomic design for hassle-free cranking.

à        The replacement assembly (screw, bearing, and nut) is designed for the tandem landing gear. It replaces the fixtures for the entire gear and includes one complete assembly (screw and nut); washers; retaining pins; bearing and bushing; and, thrust bearing.

à        The round and snap-ring swivel jack has a top wind of 10 inches and lift capacity of 5,000 lbs. It hooks up with the built swivel bracket and can swing the jack up for travel and downward for hauling without difficulty. This jack maintains an 11 and ¼ inches retraction height and measures 4 inches from the mounting support yup to the top.

à        Tandem landing gear set with drop leg of 18 inches as well as a hoisting capacity of 8,000 lbs. It supports 5th- wheel trailers with oversized foot pads capable of self-leveling that guarantee more stability. It can position your jack as far apart as required but you can still connect for tandem operations. The gear is made of robust steel with back-finished outer pipes and zinc-plated tubes to resist oxidation.


These are just some of the essential Bulldog trailer jack replacement parts that you need to take into account in this task. Take care of your equipment and tools to avoid quick wear and tear thereby avoiding unnecessary expenses. Always remember the importance of jacks for towing purposes.