Buyers product lockable trimmer rack - LT 10 Review


Buyers product lockable trimmer rack - LT10 is a must have for the efficient handling and organization of your open trailers. Organization is key in this line of business and having this product in your equipment arsenal is a great way to run a successful business.


The Buyers Products Lockable Trimmer Rack can be fitted to any open style trailer and with it's locking mechanism, it protect your equipment from any from of theft. From your hand tool racks, to hedge trimmer racks, blower racks, backpack blower racks, water cooler racks, and sprayer racks, this lockable trimmer rack, this rack is perfect for storing and transporting on open trailers.


Features and benefits

  • Easy to use design

This trimmer rack comes with a design featuring predrilled holes that allows for easy snap in to your open trailer's side rails.


  • Long-lasting build

The buyers product features black powder coat finish, a stainless steel springs and hooks coated with vinyl. All of these adds up to make it resistant to corrosion, durable and long-lasting.


  • Solid lock mechanism

It comes with a solid design that allows it to securely hold three string trimmers. Its locking mechanism allows for padlock to be fitted in order to prevent theft.



  • Sturdy and durable
  • Functional and attractive
  • Space saver



  • No hardware


Final Verdict

With the Buyers product lockable trimmer rack - Lt 10, you can be sure that your trimmer is prevented from any form damage, even during transport - whether in terms of engine flooding, spillage or theft. This way, you get to keep your trailer clutter-free and organized.