TrailFX WR95B Electric Winch Review

Jul 25, 2018

TrailFX WR95B Electric Winch Review


Before you hit the road, it is imperative to have a reliable winch in your toolbox. But when it comes to buying an electric winch  for your trailer, choosing the right and precise electric winch can be a bit confusing. This is where TrailFX® has certainly stepped in with its durable and long-lasting products. That being said, TrailFX WR95B Electric Winch is the one you need to be looking at if you are searching for a reliable small electric winch.

About TrailFX WR95B Electric Winch

With wire rope (WR95B) and Universal 9,500 lbs. Reflex Series Electric Winch, it is a product that is made of premium-quality materials to ensure that it serves the user for a long time. This trailer winch is highly recommendable by experts because of the reason that it is specifically designed by using latest-technology to meet customer’s requirements. Overall, it has all the traits to meet your needs and deliver quality services at an affordable price.


-         Pull Rating (LB): 9500 pounds

-         Voltage: 12 Volts

-         Motor Horsepower: 6.6 Horsepower

-         Motor type: Series Wound

-         Electrical Control Type: Solenoid

-         Drive Gear Type: 3-Stage Planetary

-         Thermal Shutoff: No

-         Gear Reduction Ratio: 218:1

-         No Load Line Speed: 30.5 feet per minute

-         Mounting Hole Quantity: 4

-         Operation Type: Automatic

-         Mounting Pattern Width (IN): 4-1/2 Inch

-         Mounting Pattern Length (IN): 10 Inch

The Working of TrailFX WR95B

It has a 6.6 horsepower motor that provides an impressive pull rating of 9,500 pounds – the motor ensures that it operates perfectly and without any hiccups while pulling/lifting. The 94-foot long cable is made of steel and has a diameter of 0.32 inches. The cable is specifically designed to pull heavy loads quite effortlessly. The trailer winch comes with a remote control (wired and wireless) to ensure that you are out of harm’s way while loading heavy equipment.  Due to its impressive motor and pulling power, it operates smoothly and gets the job done every single time.

Key Components

It has 8 important components:

Control Box – A heavy duty solenoid is housed in the control box to supply power to the motor (the solenoid is controlled via a remote control switch).

Motor Housing – A series wound 12V DC motor is housed in this component and is used to drive the gear system.

Clutch Shifter Tab – It enables the user to pull the load or free spool the rope by engaging or disengaging the gear drive system.

Gear Housing – There is maintenance free 3-stage planetary gear system in this component.

Roller Fairlead – It is used to guide the winch rope.

Hook – The hook is specifically forged to safely handle the rated load.

Rope – Rated load is easily pulled by a high strength rope.

Remote Control – The winch can be operated from a distance by using a remote control.


The installation part is made quite simple by the user manual that comes with the product. From mounting the winch to electrical connections, everything is explained in the manual in an easy-to-understand manner. It is imperative to have proper connections and fully recharged battery before installing the winch.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a trailer winch or a small electric winch at an affordable rate, this trailFX winch is perfect for you. It has a strong motor, great pulling power, and requires minimal maintenance (however, it is recommended to use it at least one time in a month). All in all, this TrailFX Winch is highly recommended.