When it comes to selecting the right trailer for heavier loads you’re going to want to consider a gooseneck trailer.

The gooseneck trailers for sale on our lot provide you with durability, stability, and flexibility.

It is important to us to find the trailer that can meet your demands, so you can manage your tasks in a more professional maner.In this post we’re going to be covering the benefits and advantages of gooseneck trailers as well as going over the different models we sell.

Benefits of Gooseneck Trailers

 So, what’s so special about gooseneck trailers?


One of the biggest attractions of a gooseneck trailer is that it is more stable compared to a bumper pull trailer.

While using a gooseneck trailer the tongue weight of the trailer is over the rear axle of the truck instead of its back frame. This is the reason potential sway of the trailer is minimized.

More stability means that you can haul more weight with less stress on the tow vehicle due to better weight distribution.


Greater maneuverability is one the staples of this type of trailer.

The turn radius is greater compared to a bumper pull trailer which means that you can cut corners easier and travel curvy roads more comfortably. 


Ability to pull from fifth wheel connections. Allowing you to pull with semi-trucks or trucks already equipped with these connections. 


Low theft rate. Not as many people have connections for gooseneck trailers, lowering the risk of theft if this is a concern in your area.

Types of Gooseneck Trailers

Here at our shop, we sell a variety of different gooseneck trailers. Generally, gooseneck trailers are able to handle larger and heavier loads more effectively than a bumper pull or tag a long trailer due to the reasons listed above. Therefore, gooseneck trailers have been manufactured to complete the jobs you require in different ways.

For instance, you can choose to purchase a gooseneck dump trailer, utility landscape gooseneck trailer, open flatbed equipment gooseneck trailer, or gooseneck tilt trailer depending on your hauling needs.

Now, let’s go into more detail so you can learn a little more about each option.  

1- Gooseneck Dump

The gooseneck dump trailer uses hydraulic technology to lift the trailer bed from the frame. This allows you to easily load and unload heavy objects, loads of material, or other cargo. There are different sizes of gooseneck dump trailer available at our store that will be tailored according to your needs.We like to consider these over-built monsters for those extra heavy hauls. We offer trailers with a GVWR ranging from 14k and 25,900K, with are stocking units subject to change. Note, anything over a 26K GVWR requires you to get special tags and license in order to drive legally.

2- Gooseneck Landscape Utility Trailer

The landscape gooseneck trailer is designed to enhance the efficiently of your work or task that needs to be done. It will allow you to easily move your landscaping equipment from one place to another. Each one comes equipped with ramps allowing you to load your mowers or even tractors with ease.  Although, all of our trailers are quality built a gooseneck utility trailer is going to be more durable and last a little longer than our standard utility trailers. You’re also able to add lots of customization features such as:

  • Weedeater racks
  • Backpack blower racks
  • Gas can holders
  • Expandable mesh sides
  • Lockable landscaper box

This type of trailer is perfect for those who own a landscaping business, want to start one or do yard work that requires you to haul heavier loads. Keep in mind the build and frame of the trailer may server other hauling purposes other than landscaping. So when shopping around be sure to explore all your options.  

3- Flatbed & Equipment

Our gooseneck flatbed equipment trailers are perfect for hauling that heavy machinery you’ll need to complete your jobs. The open design allows you plenty of space to be flexible with loading any type of cargo. They can easily tolerate the types of weight you’ll have while hauling a huge machine or any other large equipment. You may also choose to use this as a car hauler. Like with any of our trailers you are able to use them for multiple reasons. Our gooseneck flatbed trailer for sale is available in different sizes to make it easier for you to select the best one. Keep in mind we carry these types of trailers in GVWR’s ranging from 14K-30K in a variety of different lengths.

4- Gooseneck Equipment Tilt

The gooseneck tilt trailer is the same concept as the flatbed gooseneck except it offers easier loading and unloading through the use hydraulic damping system. Hydraulic cylinders with proportioning valves and reservoirs are used to balance the weight properly while loading or unloading. These trailers are great for the equipment or cargo you have that has trouble getting up the ramps on our regular flatbeds.

Bottom line

Our company strives to provide you with the best quality gooseneck trailers for sale at our store. All the trailers are manufactured with the best quality material which means that they have a longer life span. .

All of our trailers come in a variety of sizes, standards and features allowing you plenty of options for your needs. Also, keep in mind many customizations are available for most trailers allowing us to cater to your needs even further. If you want more information about gooseneck trailers or any trailer we sell you can contact our trailer experts at 336-276-0329 .