Here is Everything You Need to Know About Concession Trailers

Food trailers have definitely made a place for themselves in the food and beverage industry. It can be said that these are still in trend due to their popular demand, cheap rates, and the convenience that they provide to the customers.

If you want to enter the world of mobile kitchens and make your place in it, then what you need is a concession trailer. These trailers are known to be more affordable and reliable as compared to food trucks. And they require less maintenance and are not costly as well.

Benefits of Concession Trailers

Here are some main benefits of these trailers:

  • Concession trailers are highly recommended for people who want to start a mobile food business. Whether you want to use it for your food business at local or state fairs, concession trailers are the best choice
  • One of the best advantages of food trailers is that they come in various size options to suit your needs. This means that a person is not left with one size option to consider. These can be approximately 8.5’ wide and 8’ to 53’ long
  • Food trailers are perfect for longer-term or stationary parking locations. Novices find it difficult to navigate food trailers, but these trailers can become really handy if you are a good driver
  • As compared to a food truck, these trailers have less added expenses – something that makes food trailers ideal for people with a limited budget
  • A food trailer has a serving window whose height is lower to the ground – ideal for providing convenience to the owner and the customers
  • Another reason why these are recommended over food trucks is that they carry more storage space. It is because the generator built inside the kitchen of a food truck takes too much space. On the other hand, a generator is placed on the tongue of a trailer that enables more space for the user

Factors to Consider When Buying or Customizing a Concession Trailer

If you want to buy a new food trailer, then here are a few important factors you must consider:

Your Budget

You cannot go food trailer shopping without setting a budget. If you are aware of your budget, you can not only negotiate the prices but also ignore trailers that are too pricey for you. It is best to consider a budget before making any unnecessary decisions. And understand that you can always find trailers well within your price range if you take some time to shop around. The trick to finding a good trailer is that don’t go with the one that you instantly falls in love with. Instead, search around and look for the trailer with good features and a reasonable price.

Type or Style of Trailer

When it comes to buying or customizing a food trailer, a person can come across different types. That’s why it is imperative for the buyer to do the necessary research before making a purchase. It is important because you may buy a trailer that is meant for desserts and not food or vice versa. Therefore, make sure that you are getting the right trailer for your concession needs. If you find it difficult to find one that suits your needs, you can contact North Carolina Trailer Sales to assist you with it. They have an expert dedicated to putting together a custom concession trailer that fits the needs of every customer.

The Food You Wish to Serve

Before buying a food trailer, you have to take some time to consider the types of food that you wish to sell. It is extremely important because it will help you eliminate all concession trailers that are not suitable for the food you will be selling. For instance, if you are considering selling American, Italian, Fusion, Indian or BBQ to your customers, you should not buy a trailer that is for sandwiches, desserts, smoothies.

There is no denying that creating a food menu is a difficult and time-taking task, but it can become handy if you decide to do it before buying a food trailer. Needless to say, creating a menu becomes even more important if you are having a customized food trailer.

Storage Options

Considering storage options is one of the most important factors that many people neglect before buying a food trailer. Most of the times, people complain about less storage because they forget to consider the storage factor before buying a trailer. Therefore, make sure that you know how much storage of food you’ll need and how much space is required to keep it.

New or Used Trailers

You have to comprehend that both new and used trailers are recommended, depending on the needs of a buyer. Whether you are looking for a used food trailer, a new one or a customized trailer, it is important to define your purpose before making a purchase. Once you are certain about the type of trailer you need, start searching!

You can buy new trailers from different trailer providers, whereas used/old trailers can be found online. However, make sure that the online food trailer for sale is well-maintained and in the right condition. New trailers provide more security to the buyer as they come with warranties but they are bit pricey. Used food trailer for sale will save you some money. Nevertheless, it is important to do some research and comparison before making a purchase.

How Can North Carolina Trailer Sales Help You?

If you are finding it difficult to research different types of the trailer or you are unsure about what exactly you need, you can contact us and we’ll make sure that you get the concession trailer that fits perfectly according to your requirements. If you want a customized trailer for your new food business, you can reach out to us and we’ll help in everything from customizing to ordering your new trailer.


The Bottom Line

All in all, you have to make sure that you consider the above-mentioned factors before purchasing a concession trailer. It is important you do not make some common mistakes such as not doing any research before making a purchase or buying a wrong type trailer for your new business. Make a menu of concession foods you want to sell, and then start your quest of finding the best trailer that suits your need. If it comes down to quality, it is best to pay a bit extra rather than spending a lot on maintenance.