How We Compare To The Competition

How We Compare To The Competition

Jun 4, 2018

We are typically very competitively priced on all our products.  Usually a difference in "advertised" price is due to one or several of the following tactics:


  1. Doc Fees, freight fees, credit card fees, etc:  Often times dealerships will advertise 1 price but require that you pay several other fees that can add up to quite a lot of money.  At NC Trailers, we recommend that you register you trailer with us, but do not require it as many dealerships do.  We also offer a discount for cash or certified check rather than charging additional fees for credit card payments.  (FYI:  We are required to register trailers in many financing situations due to lien requirements) 
  2. Freight:  If the dealership is closer to the manufacturer their freight cost is lower.  Sometimes the dealer adds freight cost as an ad-on fee to the sale. 
  3. Factory Pickup:  Many dealers advertise trailers that are required to be picked up at the Factory (Factory Pickup Units).  This means that you have to drive to the manufacturer to pickup the trailer.  Most trailers sold in this area are manufactured in southern Georgia. 
  4. Order Only Inventory:  Some dealerships only offer these low prices for out of stock inventory.  It goes something like "We do not have that unit in stock at the moment but we do have this other unit in stock that cost more money".  What about the advertised unit?  "It will take 12 weeks to get the advertised unit.... are you sure you don't want the trailer I have today?  It cost more but I have it in stock today." I'm not saying we never run out of inventory at NC Trailers, but we always try to have our advertised trailers in stock. 
  5. Old Inventory:  Sometimes dealers will get stuck with old inventory.  Next thing they know, the inventory is a year or 2 old and no longer looks like a brand new trailer.  The best thing for the dealer at that point is to sell the inventory at a lower price to "get rid of it".  This isn't always a great deal for the buyer.  Why?  The trailer is due its first axle service before it's ever been used.  The tires will start to dry rot a year or 2 earlier.  The exterior of most trailers will have a used look.  The trailer is an older year model and will be reflected in the resale value. 
  6. Inferior Product:  As with any product, not all are created equal.  Even trailers have many differences that can make the price more or less expensive. Some trailer manufacturers will have a "cheap" line of trailers that they offer.  Manufacturers are going so far as to not offer a warranty to further reduce the price that they can sell their trailers for. Trailer manufacturers are "startups" that haven't actually been in business very long and have not built very many trailers.  Unfortunately most of these new manufacturers and even new dealers also go out of business just as quickly, leaving the customer with no ongoing support. Purchasing from both a reputable dealer and an established manufacturer will help ensure that you will have support available to you if you have questions, warranty claims, need parts or service after the sale. 

At NC Trailers we will sell you a trailer at the advertised price with NO ADDITIONAL FEES! Advertised prices do not include registration fees but again, you do not have to register the trailer at NC Trailers.  You are welcome to purchase the trailer from us and register the trailer at the DMV License Plate Office.  We pride ourselves in providing the best customer experience in the business.  

We are the highest rated trailer dealership in the Carolinas! 

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Here's a link that explains NC Trailers Trailer Safety Advantage Service that is included with every trailer purchase at no extra cost.