Utility Trailer Buying Guide

If you are planning to buy the first utility trailer for commercial use and you have no previous experience of buying a trailer, the options can be overwhelming. There are various questions that you should ask yourself when you are ready to buy a trailer.

  1. Should I get a closed or open trailer?
  2. The type of warranty and coverage I will get from the seller?
  3. The kind of cargo which I will be hauling in the utility trailer.
  4. What is the difference between a bumper pull hitch and gooseneck hitch?

We know that you want the best trailer. That is why here we have a list of things you need to consider while buying.

1) Pay attention to specifics of the frame

The first and most important thing you have to consider is the construction of your trailer. The construction of utility trailer will give you the idea about how long it will last as well as whether it will be the right fit for your cargo or not.

To get the idea whether the trailer will be good for you or not, check its frame. Does it support the entire utility trailer or not?

Commonly, there are 4 types of shapes that are used for the construction of a utility trailer.

  1. Channel iron
  2. Box tubing
  3. Angle iron
  4. I-Beams  

If you don’t know a lot about frames, there’s no need to worry! Just keep reading, give our sales team a chance to assist you, or reference the product description of the trailer you’re viewing on our site.

So, let’s talk about frames. Channel iron, Box tubing, and Angle iron will be used in among all the trailers we sell. Basically, trailer frames are constructed utilizing different types of shapes. You will see a mixture of these shapes throughout the trailer frames we sell. I-beam frames are generally used on large open equipment trailers and gooseneck trailers.

It is good idea that you look and inquire about what type of frame your trailer has. More expensive and sturdy trailers will typically use boxed tubing, channel iron, and I-Beams. Angle iron is mostly used on smaller utility trailers. The type of frame your trailer has will determine how long it will last, how much you can haul, and the price.

In the end, you have a few different things to consider with trailer frames. Once you’ve understood the mechanics behind what makes each frame different you’ll have an easier time buying the quality trailer of your choice here at North Carolina Trailer Sales.

2) Open trailer vs. Enclosed trailer

Once you have inspected the frame of your trailer, the next step is deciding whether you would like to have a closed trailer or open trailer. It all depends on the type of cargo that you have to load. Is it something that needs more space or do you have to insulate it?

If you are planning to buy a utility trailer for landscaping, hauling your four-wheeler, ATV, or other any other outdoor activities an open trailer might be the best option. You will be able to easily adjust your cargo and deliver it to the given location. No doubt, enclosed trailers are a good option for these things as well, but it will limit the space that you have. That is why you’ll want to consider the types of items you’ll be hauling and whether or not they need to be protected.

Buying an open trailer will be the best for you if you’re looking for something more lightweight, easy to adjust and economical. It will be quick and convenient for you to deliver any type of cargo that you have with an open trailer. However, if you’d like to keep your cargo out of the elements and away from theft, an enclosed trailer will best suit your needs. Enclosed trailers are a great option if you’ll be using trailers more frequently or for commercial use. Please speak with our sales team to figure out what type trailer will be best for you.

3) Pay attention to suspension

A common mistake most people make is they do not pay attention to suspension they will get with the trailer. That is why they are unable to get the durability and quality they have been looking for. A good suspension will protect your trailer from any kind of shocks and will assure that you will have a smooth towing experience. In order to assure that you will use your utility trailer for a long time, it is important that you get a high-performance suspension. It is an important and under-looked feature when you are buying a trailer for sale.

Most utility trailers will have a leaf spring suspension system. This is the most common suspension available on the market. This type of suspension system is just fine for utility trailers. Plus, it is less expensive than torsion suspension which means that if you have to repair the springs or other parts involved it will be cost effective. Another option, we offer usually by custom order is torsion suspension. This option is a bit more expensive because the trailer axle’s will be welded to the frame which provides a little smoother ride. It also means there is a small increase in structural strength. However, you’ll most likely be dealing with leaf spring suspension.

4) Specifications & Customization

There are some specifications or customizations that you also may consider when you are planning to buy a utility trailer for sale. You must be aware that selecting these specifications might cost you a little extra, but it will enhance the performance and life of the trailer that you have. Some of the important features you can consider having are.

  1. Spare Tires
  2. Trailer Ball
  3. Lighting Accessories
  4. Spare tire carrier
  5. Proper hitch hardware 
  6. Trailer utility rack
  7. Electronic brake controller
  8. Taillight protector
  9. Coupler Lock
  10. Adapter for hardware support
  11. Ball mount
  12. Pin and clip
  13. Receiver tube
  14. Much more

5) Cost and warranty

One of the most important things you have to consider while buying a utility trailer is the cost of the product. The cost commonly depends on the quality of the trailer as well as the extra features you would like to have. When you are looking for utility trailers for sale it’s always nice to be covered by a warranty. Here at N.C. Trailer Sales all of our trailers are covered by 1-5 year structural warranties depending on which trailer you buy. Also, depending on which axle your trailer has it will be covered by 1-2 year warranty. We offer a protection plan and one-year service plan quoted at a certain price based off the trailer you purchase.

In closing, if you have any questions when purchasing your next trailer please don’t hesitate to call and speak with our wonderful sales team. There is a reason we have become the highest rated trailer dealer in North Carolina. We believe in quality products, quality customer service, and quality repairs. We make trailer buying easy so call us at 336-276-0329 to speak to us now.

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