The difference in Basic Grade Dump Trailers and Heavy Duty Grade Dump Trailers

The difference in Basic Grade Dump Trailers and Heavy Duty Grade Dump Trailers

Aug 4, 2018

The difference in Basic Grade Dump Trailers and Heavy Duty Grade Dump Trailers

Trailers are important utility vehicles for those who use them. They could be in different form like car haulers, aluminum utility, Steel Pickup Flat-beds, enclosed cargo trailers and other types. One of the types I mentioned here like the enclosed cargo trailers is commonly used by families who embark on trips with their valuables.

On the other hand, cargo transport companies and shipping lines make use of heavy duty trucks. Some of these trucks are enclosed just to avoid external intruders and to ensure adequate protection of the items which is being transported.

However, there are two basic types of trailers – the heavy duty and the light weight which has different purpose about it’s usage.

This write up seeks to explain the difference in Basic Grade Dump Trailers and Heavy Duty grade dump trailers. One unique feature here is the ingenuity of Big Tex Dump Trailers to produce several designs and capacities of these trailers, irrespective the size and shape.

We will also look at the unique features that characterize both types of trailers based on their usage.


                  The Differences Between Basic Dump Trailers and Heavy Duty Trailers

The 5x10 Low-Profile Dump Trailer is manufactured by Big Tex. The product falls in the class of light weight trailer which is absolutely suitable for a sizeable family. This is so because the size is smaller and can be easily towed with a small SUV.

The heavy duty trailers on the other hand comes in various shapes and sizes but nevertheless, they are large enough to contain heavy loads. Trailers of this nature are being used by construction firms, agriculture and those in the transport sector. Most Big Tex Dump Trailers are durable; whether it is basic dump or heavy duty trailers

Utility trailers do more as a multipurpose component. It is more beneficial when it is used for commercial purpose. However, if you’re expecting to make some fortune by hauling other people’s products with a heavy duty truck, you may not still know the type and size of trailer you need to use; rather, you may have an idea. 

Another type of light weight trailer that is of economic importance is the H&H ALL ALUMINUM AMS 5.5' X 10' Motorcycle trailer. This type of trailer no matter it’s small size, is built to last. It is a perfect match for all types of motorcycles and Golf Carts.

Whereas the basic dump trailer has a removable motorcycle wheel chock, the heavy duty truck does not. The light weight trailer features Aluminum Radius Fenders with Backs, a 2 inches A-frame Posi-Lock Coupler, as well as a sealed wiring harness.

PJ Trailers is another Heavy Duty grade dump trailer. They also manufacture gooseneck model, deckover and other heavy equipment. The Pjs Dump Trailers are manufactured with the best quality of materials available. They always feature powder coating standard on every single trailer that is being manufactured. 

Also, this brand of product is said to be completely overloaded with lot’s of benefits and features. The comparison we try to make here between the two categories of trailers tries to highlight several features of the Pjs Dump Trailers as well as it’s ability to serve users.

With this information, it will be easy to compare other brands and to quickly understand the techniques of making a wiser choice before making purchase.

To end this, it is evident that both the Grade Dump Trailers and the Heavy Duty grade dump trailers are durable, regardless their purpose of usage. Nevertheless, it is quite advisable to thoroughly research on top brands that can suit your needs.